The topic of hydration for runners can be surprisingly involved.  There are considerations of what and how much to drink before, during, and after a run.  Do I drink when I’m thirsty or is that too late?  What if I over-hydrate, dilute my blood-sodium levels, and suffer hyponatremia?  Unfortunately, there’s no hydration plan that’s right for everyone.  Body weight, sweat rate & effort, along with temperature, humidity & elevation, affect hydration needs.  It can be a bit scientific, but it’s important because, aside from the obvious health considerations, dehydration can negatively affect running performance.  Taking this beyond running and stating the obvious, no living thing can make it long without H2O.  I even feared the drought might diminish our typically dazzling Kansas City fall, but the brilliance of the leaves this past week shows, yet again, that anything’s possible with God and a few sprinkles.


… And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.  Revelation 22:17

Water attracts us.  We build houses by it, vacation on and around it, hike to its falls, run aside it, and play in it.  Puddles beckon us as soon as we start crawling.  In this City of Fountains, we’re blessed with stunning aquatic artwork around every corner.  The sounds of water are calming, and its reflections are mesmerizing.  It can cool us in the summer and warm us in the winter, but above all, it sustains our physical thirst.  A tree rooted next to water will thrive; the same tree planted in arid land will not … without a sprinkler system.  So, you know where I’m going … spiritual thirst is quenched with God’s Word, and just as the tree near water thrives, so I thrive when I live in God’s Word.  And, just as the tree in arid land withers, so I wither when I go without God.  There’s no spiritual hydration plan that’s right for all – unique challenges and individual circumstances affect spiritual hydration needs.  I know I need to drink God’s Word daily or my performance suffers, but I still fail to do it.  I want to be attracted to it, and I pray the better I get at taking it in daily, the more I’ll be attracted to it.  The good news is you can’t over-hydrate on God’s Word, so there’s no worry of hyponatremia of the soul.  In fact, more is better.  An IV shooting a steady drip of God’s word straight into my veins and heart would solve a lot of my issues.  It’s a silly image, as it’s hard to go about your day while carting around an IV, but if I can keep the visual in my head … along with an appreciation for our City’s fountains and fall leaves and what they can represent, it might help prevent the dehydration of my spirit.

Dear God, please help me want to hydrate my spirit with Your Word.