Kauai 2009

I sometimes wonder what my day would look like if I had an additional hour.  Would I be more rested, calm & patient or would I cram in more to do?  I’m glad it’s hypothetical, and I don’t have to answer.  This thought periodically occurs to me when I head out for a morning run.  I often hit the road with too little sleep and a to-do list hollering at me to turn around and start crossing things off.  Instead, I choose to run, cherishing the time with friends, the solace when I’m solo, and the endorphin boost.  It’s an uplifting way to start a day, and I prioritize it accordingly.  I get to choose the activities to which I devote my time, and the items that fill my days are direct results of the choices I’ve made throughout my life.  That can be an uplifting thought!  So, why do I feel like I’m constantly trying to plug up the hour-glass sand so I can catch a breath in the midst of the chaos?

Give me neither poverty nor riches!  Give me just enough to satisfy my needs.  Proverbs 30:8

My problem isn’t a lack of time but a failure to fill it with the right things.  God gives me plenty of time to fill as I choose.  In this season of my life, my children are a time-consuming, top priority, and I praise God for them.  Sadly, my spouse and friends, which should be high on the priority chart, get pushed aside and taken for granted if time is tight.  A clean house, which I like to believe is a priority, usually eludes me unless company’s coming.  Regardless of how scheduled the day is, spare minutes exist, and I make time for things I want to do.  Unfortunately, my discretionary minutes aren’t always used for the priorities God wants for me.  I hate to admit there are days I can fit in a run but no quality time with God.  Code Red!  Even 5 minutes with Him in the morning can improve my attitude & outlook for the day, replacing feelings of being overwhelmed with gratitude for the day’s opportunities and hope for the joy most full days bring.  If, after a cup of coffee with God, grumpiness continues to cloud my schedule, reevaluation of my decisions and commitments seems in order.  I have all the time I need, and each day is a gift.  Just as I choose to start many days with a run for the physical endorphins, I want to start every day with a boost of spiritual endorphins.  There’s ample time.

You may not believe it, but I wrote this before realizing we get a “free” hour this weekend thanks to Daylight Savings Time (if you ignore the fact we have to return it in the spring).  Imagine the possibilities!

Dear God, thank you for the gift of time.  Please help me use it wisely in Your eyes.