Great Known

I sometimes get anxious before a race, especially if I have a time goal.  My nerves make me twitchy and tense, and I waste good energy that could be used on the course.  I suppose I fear the unknown – all the things out of my control that will affect my race.  It would be great if I could focus on positive certainties such as my training and the fact that it doesn’t matter if it’s the worst race ever – it’s a valuable experience.  Instead, I lose trust in my preparation and fear the worst, probably because I’ve had my share of lousy races and know what they look like.  There’s no way of knowing what’s ahead, and the thought of trudging along twitchy and tense wears me out.  Instead of bowing down to fear of the unknown, I’d like to start trusting what I know.

not one of all the promises the Lord, your God, made to you has remained unfulfilled.  Every promise has been fulfilled for you, with not one single exception.  Joshua 23:14


My friend and I were recently talking about how peaceful we might have been in our 20’s if we’d had a glimpse of our future – weddings, children, jobs ….  It reminds me of the game MASH my kids play to learn they’ll have 20 kids, marry someone from the South Pole, and die at age 98 ½ while folding laundry.  Certainty is comforting.  But, that’s not how God planned it for us.  No matter how meticulously scheduled we are, we head into The Great Unknown each morning.  But, what if God is calling us to have a different perspective?  What if we instead head into The Great Known?  Doesn’t that sound so much more inspiring and fun?  While we can’t be sure of what will happen on our journey, we know much for certain … God loves us more than we can imagine.  Each of us has great value – not because of our talents but because God made us in His image.  He’s always with us whether or not we acknowledge Him.  He has a unique plan and purpose for each of us.  He provides all we need and, if we let Him, helps us realize the closer we are to Him, the less material stuff we need.  He forgives us and completely wipes away our sin in a way we can’t comprehend.  Most importantly, He grants us eternal life with Him if we truly accept Him into our heart.  In the midst of uncertainty, we have a choice to either cling to our fear of the future, or re-channel our energy and proceed with trust, knowing that God will provide.  He will bless us with the tools we need to prosper in the good and endure the bad with purpose and hope.  Of course, the things we perceive to be bad are what we fear, but they have a purpose in God’s grand plan.  We can trust they are vital to our journey.

Dear God, please help me fully trust You and Your promises.