“You Are Here” are wonderful words when you’re lost and scanning a map for your whereabouts.  One of the finest ways to get to know a place is to run through it.  I love exploring the streets of unfamiliar towns and venturing down unknown paths in my own city.  The downside, however, is I tend to get lost.  In those disoriented moments, there would be no greater comfort than a big, red arrow on a map, showing me where I am.

“Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”  Jeremiah 6:16

Jesus always met a person where he or she was.  He spent His life in ordinary places, making Himself available to everyone, including socially unacceptable people, to lovingly help them recognize their failings and show them a better way.  Purity and cleanliness – inside or out – were not prerequisites to receiving His guidance.  He simply sought a willingness to listen, repent, and believe.  God does the same today.  Regardless of where we are, how we spend our time, or who we are, He is waiting for each of us to ask, “What do You want my next step to be?”  Whether you’re someone who’s never known Him, someone who’s denied Him, or someone who strives to seek Him daily, He is there, where you are, ready to listen.  But, we’ll miss Him if we don’t seek Him and ask the hard question above.  A spontaneously-appearing map would be helpful – preferably with detailed instructions, warnings of obstacles, and encouraging symbols.  But, I’ve asked the question and received no map.  So, how do we decide what to do … work more, work less, volunteer more, learn to say “no”, extend the forgiveness we’ve withheld, ask for the forgiveness we’re seeking, acknowledge we need God, intervene in a family crisis we’ve avoided, face the destructive addition we can’t escape … ?  We have a God of clarity, and our confusion and disorientation will be answered, but not until we push aside the distractions of the world and truly seek Him.  When I run in circles in unfamiliar towns, I have no problem fitting the female, natural blond (with a few fake highlights) stereotype and asking strangers for directions …. but I continue to make major life decisions on my own because the answer to the question above might be scary.  Wide paths with worldly comfort and temporary clarity surround us.  But, the narrow road that appears uncertain and difficult is the one with the reward at the end.  At the next crossroad, He’ll be there.  Seek Him out.

Dear God, please help  us remember You’re always here, ready to guide us down the right path.