I’ve heard it a billion times … stretching and strength training are good for runners.  They’re more than good – they help prevent injury, improve performance, and aid recovery.  I know it, I understand it, and I tell others to do the same.  But, I don’t stretch or strength train as I should.  I have three – four on a good day – stretches I do after a run … if I have time.  I don’t strength train because I don’t have time.  Of course, I do have time, but I choose not to strength train.  If my actions don’t support my belief statements, do I really believe?

… “I believe; help my unbelief!”  Mark 9:24

I can write these posts until I get carpal tunnel, but if I leave my computer and act contrary to the scriptural perspective I attempt to share, do I really believe what I write?  If we believe with our whole heart, mind, and spirit that Jesus’ death washed away our sins and made an eternal life of peaceful joy possible for us, why do we succumb to doubt and temptation?  This question makes me cherish the scripture above.  No amount of education, knowledge, or understanding will prevent temptations from knocking on our door.  We have scripture to educate us.  God has revealed His mysteries to us.  We know the glorious ending to His story, and we know a glorious ending to our life is available.  But, we need more than knowledge and understanding … we need action.  I believe; and yet I know I can believe more.  My sinful actions and thoughts reveal my unbelief.  I continue to act as if there are unknowns, letting pride, fear, and doubt sabotage my faith.  Our human, sinful nature limits our ability to overcome all unbelief, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for more belief every day.  Genuine belief produces good fruit.  The more we act on our belief statements, the stronger and more meaningful those statements will become … and the more fruit we will produce.  It can become an escalating cycle of positive reinforcement and actions.  Through the grace of God, we can say it, mean it … and act on it.

Dear God, we believe.  Please, help our unbelief!