Dependability is an important quality.  The simplicity of running makes it easily accessible, and you can depend on its availability.  Simply find a stretch of asphalt, concrete, track, beach, or trail and go.  The path doesn’t care when, with whom, how far, how fast, or where you run.  It never breaks down or runs out of batteries.  It doesn’t get impatient with delays, mad if you’ve stayed away too long, or bitter about anything.  It won’t judge you, say anything mean, or avoid you.  It is unconditionally reliable, trustworthy, and loyal to everyone, always.

“Pray then like this: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Matthew 6:9

I’ve been blessed with a husband and earthly father who were graced with a dependability gene.  Neither is perfect, but I consistently and confidently rely on and trust in them.  Some of us share this blessing.  For some, however, death has taken their father and created a painful void.  For others, their father’s words and actions have shaken their trust in him and thrown into question his dependability.  And, too many have experienced complete physical and/or emotional abandonment by their father.  Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, we all share the same Father – a Father above all fathers.  No matter how supportive or loving your earthly father may be, God is our ultimate Dad.  And, no matter how absent, unhelpful, uninterested, or destructive an earthly father may be, his child is worth more than gold to God.  No matter who you are or how unworthy of God’s love you feel, you have a Father who is perfectly and unconditionally reliable, trustworthy, and loyal.  He will provide all the advice, love, comfort, support, patience, hope, and discipline you need.  There are no restrictions, exclusions, limitations, or conditions on Jesus’ prayer instruction above.  Our father means exactly what it says – a Father for us all, always.  If you’ve been blessed with a dependable dad, thank God and call your dad this weekend.  If struggles linger between you and your dad, don’t give up.  All things are possible with God.  If your dad has been called away from this earth or is absent from your life for some other reason, by no means are you without a father.  We all have the ultimate, #1, coolest, most awesome Dad ever.  And, before this weekend’s over, don’t forget to make the most important call … God’s always waiting for a ring from us.  Let’s keep his switchboards crazy busy.  Happy Father’s Day!

Dear God, thank you for being dependable.  Help us trust in You.