Why in the World?

I sometimes forget why I love running and wonder why in the world I do it … usually at mile 24 of a marathon or when it’s 5:00 a.m. and I’m lacing up my shoes instead of sleeping.  I receive countless benefits from running – enough to fill over a year of weekly posts on this blog.  Running provides an easy way to find social time, get outdoors, generate endorphins, and stay fit.  But, those aren’t my reasons for running.  They’re simply benefits of the sport, and other activities provide the same perks.  So, why run?  Because the simple, pure act of putting one foot in front of the other always leads me to a different place, even if I run my usual route for the umpteenth time.  Regardless of my distance, speed, or path, I never return home the same.  Running enriches my life, and that’s why I do it.

… I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  John 10:10

So, why in the world follow Jesus?  There are some Sundays I’d rather sleep in or have brunch than go to church … just as there are some days I’d rather snore through my alarm than lace up my running shoes.  And, sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to trust God, especially when things appear to be going very wrong.  Praying, at times, doesn’t seem to provide any answers or peace.  The problem with all those moments, however, isn’t God … it’s me.  It’s because I’ve failed to humbly open my heart to Him and His plan.  Just as I always feel better after a run, I always feel better after church, and I never return home the same.  I don’t follow God just because of the eternal inheritance He’s promised us.  I follow Him because His love and grace enrich my life when I let Him in.  I’m a mess despite those gifts, but I’m a mess who has found joy in unhappy and difficult times, peace in disruptions, and forgiveness daily … thanks only to my God.  Where would I turn when it seems there is nowhere to turn?  Where would I find the peace the world cannot offer?  And, who would I thank and praise for my life, my blessings … my everything?  Jesus gave His life so that we may saved, and knowing that in this life makes it that much more abundant.

Dear God, thank you for my life and for giving Your Son for my salvation.  Please help me live abundantly in You.  Amen.