Dealing with outdoor elements is part of being a runner, and the effects of those elements leave their mark – sometime good and sometimes not so good.  For instance, I usually look disgusting when I sweat during a hot run.  Many of my friends, however, somehow manage to pull off the sweaty look.  They glisten.  While I can’t make the sweat work for me, I have noticed that the cool, crisp October air attacks a lot of the morning puffiness under my eyes.  I love that.  On mornings I don’t run, it takes a while for my eyes to de-puff.  The sun is a tough one – it finds its way through the sunscreen I sweat off and leaves spots it’s been working on for years.  Whether the evidence these elements leave on a face is good or bad, I cherish what it represents – a passion embraced.  One that lets the sweat and sunspots shine.

Look to him, and be radiant … Psalms 34:5

When we live as God calls us to live, people will notice.  We will look different from what society expects.  The effects of dealing in God’s elements – reading his Word, praying, trying to live according to Jesus’ example, and listening to the Holy Spirit – will leave their mark.  That mark will not only take hold of our hearts, minds, and spirits, but it will shine through our faces.  I’ve seen bright, happy smiles that sing thanks and praise to God.  I know eyes that speak God’s peace despite seeing much sadness.  And, sometimes, the love and hope that radiates through another’s face is so powerful, words become unnecessary.  There are many ways to improve our looks in the eyes of our world.  Many of them work very well and can even “take years off” a face.  But, they are simply an outside fix.  If we want a make-over, a good place to start is on our inside.  When we get closer to God, His glow will not be contained inside us.  It will radiate from our eyes, wrinkles, and smiles.  It will be expressed in our looks of loving concern, in the deep furrows of our brows and foreheads, and in our joyous smiles … evidence of a passion embraced.

Dear God, please help us embrace You so we may radiate Your glow.