Summer 2013 photos 042

There are six people in my home, including me, who need food, maintenance, shelter, and several gallons of milk each week.  Keeping six bodies healthy, fit, and well-rested is an ongoing responsibility.  Our latest challenge is Halloween candy.  A ridiculous number of wrappers have been mysteriously popping up between couch cushions, under beds, in the washer, under rugs, and in books.  I suppose they’re not in the trash can because they might be discovered?  The concealment is creative, but very annoying.  As a parent, it’s my job to ensure my children are fed, watered, rested, and exercised.  Fortunately, they’re learning the value of a healthy lifestyle, and they’ll run with me, help cook, and point out when I’ve exceeded my soda quota.  Despite our weaknesses, we’re slowly helping each other pave our way to a healthier existence.

However, if you fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well.  James 2:8

I’ve recently been reminded of my top job as a parent and spouse – get the kids and husband to heaven.  We, of course, need to continually be working on our own relationship with God, but when it comes to responsibilities to others, sharing God’s love is paramount.  We have obligations at work, school, in our community, and at home.  And, we have goals.  My goals – for me, my children, and my family – tend to distract me from my top job.  Academic and professional success – necessary and important to compete in our world – continually strives for the top spot on my priority list.  Activities and achievements outside of school and work are close behind, along with all the fun things we want to do.  I sometimes wonder … am I trying to raise accomplished athletes, top scholars, and cool kids who only go to God when it’s convenient or urgent?  Or, do I want children who have a strong, sincere relationship with God … children who glorify Him and thank Him as they use their gifts for worldly success?  If I asked my family and friends what it appears I’m striving for based on our daily activities, I wonder what they would say.  I fear the answer.  Our activities and commitments can enhance our walk toward God, and we are called to use our talents to their fullest.  However, if my top job is to help those around me seek the heaven God promises, I need to continually remind myself to let all my other goals fall in line behind that top job.  When I hear the call of our world, it’s difficult to align my activities with what I know is my most important job.  We need to frequently adjust to stay on task, and when we do, God will help us help each other pave our way toward Him.

Dear God, please help me remember my most important job is to share Your love with those around me.