Wouldn’t it be great if we greeted every day as Ebenezer Scrooge welcomed Christmas morning after his spooky night with the spirits?  No one embraces a day like someone who’s just been shown that following their current path will lead to a dark future.  Scrooge seized his second chance, and I like to imagine he proceeded to live an extraordinary life every day; not just at Christmastime.

Most of us haven’t followed Scrooge’s path to pursue financial success at the expense of all else.  Our deficiencies are more subtle.  Our path may not be leading to darkness, but is it as bright as it could be?

I’m an ordinary person living an ordinary life.  I try to fill my time with worthwhile activities, but some days lack the vigor, gratitude, purpose, and joy Scrooge had on Christmas morning.  A seemingly ordinary life can be extraordinary with simple improvements, such as looking beyond ourselves to the needs of others or choosing to let our hearts be glad.  What will it take to make me seize THIS DAY and every other day as Scrooge did?  A spooky night with spirits?

A friend recently told me that, of the hundreds of Sunday homilies her husband has heard, one of the most memorable for him consisted of four words … “You will all die.”  Regardless of what your initial reaction is to such a short and direct homily, many of us would agree it’s thought-provoking … and maybe a little spooky.  We know death is certain.  What we don’t know is when our time will come, and that can make us squirm, even if we believe it’s on God’s well-planned time.

We shouldn’t live in fear of dying tomorrow, but we also can’t ignore that dying tomorrow is possible.  Am I ready?  Am I prepared to meet God face to face and talk about my life?

Perfect readiness will elude us, but we can get to know God better.  I’d like to know Him so well that when I die, it will be like running to the arms of an old friend.  And, I hope to be cleansed in His just judgment, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love.  I know I’ll need it.

Stay away scary spirits!  Knowing I could meet God any minute is encouragement enough to greet THIS DAY like Ebenezer Scrooge.  THIS DAY is a second chance, and our mission is not complete.  Ignorance and Want are everywhere, as are God’s grace, mercy, and love.

We can do something extraordinary.  TODAY.