Nikki is a wife and a mother of four who resides in Leawood, Kansas.

Thank you for visiting Running the Good Race!  On this site, I reflect on my Christian faith and the joys of running.  Both intertwine in such a way that one often teaches me about the other.  Even if running’s not your thing, you may find these reflections relevant as you consider how doing what you love can bring you closer to God.

I praise God for the ability to run.  The experiences it’s given me, the many miles I’ve shared with friends, and the few miles I’ve run alone, often get me to Him faster than I otherwise might.  If I had to stop running tomorrow, I would miss it, but I know I could survive and thrive.  My faith, however, is not something I can do without.  This wonderful gift from God, introduced to me by my parents before I can remember, has been enriched by friends and family over my 41 years.

I hope to post a new reflection weekly, and I invite your comments.